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by Tyler Difley

Love it, hilarious as always!

National Post | Sports

NHL training camps have just started, which this year means that NHL training camps are about to end. And that makes it time to take a final look around the league in anticipation of opening night.

Tuesday we’ll start with the Eastern Conference before turning to the Western Conference Wednesday.

New Jersey Devils It turns out Ilya Kovalchuk wasn’t serious about remaining in Russia after all and is expected back in camp shortly, Lou Lamoriello said while returning from Russia holding a baseball bat and an Ilya Kovalchuk-shaped duffel bag.

Washington Capitals Eric Fehr signed a one-year deal that was completed just in time for the start of training camp, making him the first Fehr in four months to show up on time for something.

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Winnipeg Jets Are expected to surprise a lot of people in the Eastern Conference this year, in the sense that whenever they come…

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by Tyler Difley

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Andrew Coyne has written an (as usual) insightful piece on the candidates for the federal Liberal party, noting that the general level of education and accomplishment is high.

Though several of the nine are relatively unknown to most Canadians, they are not lacking credentials, he points out.

George Takach is a prominent Bay Street lawyer and professor with three degrees and four books under his belt. Karen McCrimmon was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Canadian Forces and the first woman to lead an RCAF squadron. David Bertschi was a Crown prosecutor and founding partner in his Ottawa law practice. Deborah Coyne (yes, my cousin) holds degrees from York and Oxford, taught constitutional law and was a central figure in the battles over the Meech Lake and Charlottetown accords.

Among the better-known candidates, Martha Hall Findlay has a solid legal and entrepreneurial background, Joyce Murray runs a company with 500 employees…

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by Tyler Difley

Why Rick DiPietro is being paid anything at this point is a mystery to me


The Montreal Canadiens did a smart thing with forward Scott Gomez for the first time since trading for him in 2009: they told him to go home. The reason? If he gets hurt this year, the Habs wouldn’t be able to buy him out next year and be rid of his contract headache, under terms of the new collective bargaining agreement.

Now that the new CBA is in place and the salary cap will go lower over the next few seasons, some teams have to look at paring down their own bloated rosters in an effort to get relief from the salary cap. Players can be bought out starting June 2013. Here is a link that explains the complicated formula, which differs in terms of players ages.

Here are the most likely candidates (all numbers courtesy Gapgeek.com):

Philadelphia Flyers goalie Ilya Bryzgalov

[ooyala code=”JhaGplODqICzClwQ61v9BfZTn9X1Me6U” image=”http://i.ytimg.com/vi/O-FvRyQOlbc/0.jpg” title=”HBO 24/7: Ilya Bryzgalov’s…

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by Tyler Difley

The Buttry Diary

This is the handout for the workshop, developing story ideas, which I presented today for staff members at Gazette Communications. We discussed how to come up with good story ideas and how to develop a plan to execute them.

Every good story starts with a good idea

Story ideas are literally all around you. You need to be alert and imaginative in recognizing and pursuing them. You can generate story ideas by looking in a variety of places:

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by Tyler Difley

Insightful thoughts as usual from Andrew Coyne, I think he really hits the nail on the head here.

National Post | Full Comment

Two Liberal MPs, two errant statements about Albertans, two days apart. It all adds up to a mess of trouble for the Liberal Party in the province, and the region, where they must make inroads if they hope to be competitive in the long run — and where they hope to steal a by-election next Monday.

The tendency is to treat the two situations as the same: Liberal Alberta-hatred, if you’re a Conservative; Conservative gotcha politics, if you’re a Liberal. But in fact the two are quite distinct.

The statements of David McGuinty, that Tory MPs from Alberta were too narrowly devoted to the interests of the oil industry — “shilling” was the word he used — to the detriment of the national interest, more nearly fit the “gotcha” mould. It is perfectly defensible for one MP to challenge another to take a broader view of an issue than just…

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by Tyler Difley

“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know” – Ernest Hemingway

Morals and Religion

by Tyler Difley

Carl Sagan gets it.

by Tyler Difley





William Thames

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Lest We Forget

by Tyler Difley

Lest We Forget

The National War Memorial in front of the historic Chateau Laurier.